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The Astralis Week:    

This may be subject to change, but here's a rough idea of what to expect us to get up to each week:

Mon:        PvP        19.30 to 23.00
Tues:       PvP        19.30 to 23.00
     Raid        19.30 to 23.00
        Raid        18.30 to 22.00

The nights off are often used for ad-hoc old school raids and we may well bring in a second raid team in the future. If you have any questions, just ask an officer.

Guild Vent    
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Server Status    
European: Argent Dawn (RP)
Welcome to the Astralis Guild Page. We're a small but growing guild on Argent Dawn, led by the mighty Death Knight Thelerion. We may be small but what we lack in size, we sure make up for in personalities and determination.

We are currently recruiting all types of players; as long as you aren't a ninja, and don't mind being part of a chatty, supportive family like guild, then we'll happily take you under our (death)wing.

Raiding: We're going to hit up 10 man raids as soon as we can when MoP comes, we are mainly looking for Tanks and DPS but Healers are of course welcome to apply. We are aiming to attack the new raids and start progressing. We have recently started bringing this team into action and we hope that YOU are the one for us. If you are interested take a look to your right to see if you can spot your role there! Before applying make sure to check This Post out for more information about us!

Old School Raids: As we're a relatively new guild (and because we have a super-keen and pushy capped lv60!) we are hitting a lot of older raids to get the guild acheivements. We're happy to recruit you into the guild if this is of interest to you.

PvP: We have a strong contingent of players who enjoy PvP and are looking at putting together an RBG team who will probably RBG a couple of nights a week. 4.2 resilience minimum required, but we'd be pleased to bring you on board while you smash normal BGs with us and gear up. We also have a few guild arena teams. At the moment we are open for recruitment of any class and spec!

Levelling: We're quite a supportive bunch, and are happy to bring in little ones who are levelling; we'll support you if we can and offer advice and maybe squish that evil mob that's hurting you if we're available and we'll try to throw mats to help you skill up professions your way; you little ones are the future!

Any relevent questions please feel free to message Thelerion, Vonx or Treealla and we'll try to answer them.

Guild News    
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Raiding Recruitment    
Death KnightBlood/Frost/UH Apply
DruidFeral/Balance Apply
HunterMM/BM/Surv Apply
MageArcane/Fire Apply
PaladinHoly/Ret/Prot Apply
PriestHoly/Disc Apply
RogueMuti/Sub/Cmb Apply
ShamanEnhancement Apply
WarlockDest/Demo/Aff Apply
WarriorProt/Arms/Fury Apply
Interested in PvP?    

Here at Astralis we ensure that our PvE and PvP nights are different so that if you enjoy both elements of the game, you don't have to feel you have to pick. PvP nights will be Mon/Tues.

Whilst we are all levelling up to 90 we obviously won't have an RBG team, but around Christmas time we expect to be putting together a crack team to represent Astralis in RBGs. Whilst we are a friendly bunch, we will be taking RBGs seriously and bad attitudes and no-shows will result in you being replaced. Conversely, the right attitude and dedication will be rewarded with some wins, some rating and hopefully we can get you some new titles and that mount!

We will also be putting together some Astralis Arena teams, both 'fun' and more 'serious' ones, as well as running plenty of normal BGs for Honour.

If you are interested in applying to Astralis to join the PvP contingent, please whisper Treealla/Treeluna/Treeclepie in game, or Thelerion or Vonx.

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